Thursday, October 8, 2015

Visit my lively staircase!

In last post you have seen my flying wall and now in today's post, will talk on my favorite part of our apartment. It's about staircase to go to the loft (upper room) which adds more beauty to my house.

Today I will show you cute and most favorite area of my apartment. I always wanted to paint this staircase however I could not because it's not allowed to paint rental apartments. So I came up with a craft idea to decorate the staircase with cute felt birdie hangings with bells. 

Along with staircase you can see my creative wall behind it. These walls are just like a canvas for me, day by day my artworks are occupying this wall. Apart from this wall we have other creative walls too in my apartments, I will show you those in later posts.

This lush green color of plant, colorful birds and my creative wall attract our guest towards them whenever they enter into our house. Whenever wind is blowing or I turn the fan on, I could hear bird's song in way of bells. These make this space lively.

Hope you will also get attracted towards these beauties of my house!


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