Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Recycled Art : Flying Wall :)

Hello Friends,

Till now I was sharing my creations with you all. Today I will share creation along with decoration. I am really happy to share my "Flying Wall" with you guys.

I am sure you must be laughing at me...what she is talking about. But seriously I gave this name to one of the my favorite wall of my house. Let me explain the story behind this funny name!

We have a loft (upper room) in our apartment and I love that space as it gives us condominiums feeling. There is a cute staircase to go to the loft which add more beauty to my house. I will talk more on this space later in another post. 

Here are glimpse of my "Flying Wall" i.e. Loft wall.... You can see my plant too chasing these cute colorful butterflies :)

Now you can relate to my flying wall I guess. When I saw this wall for the first time, I immediately decided to keep that space for one of the most precious things in our life and that is TIME. And I wanted to decorate in a such way that whenever you will see there you should feel lively and colorful because this is the space in home we are looking at more often to know time.

Here I came with an idea to decorate this wall with colorful recycled butterflies. These butterflies are made up of waste milk cans. As you all know time and butterfly fly in seconds, I thought of naming the wall as "Flying Wall".

 Hope you all will enjoy this post.

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