Saturday, August 1, 2015

Thoughtful idea to welcome parents!

First of all want to wish you all Happy Guru Pornima! I wanted to publish this post on the day of Guru pornima but somehow I am posting today. And I am sure you will like it.  

Last weekend me and my husband went to New York to visit my engineering college friend. Friends... you know and definitely can imagine what happens when old friends meet together... total chaos!!! Yes... we also did same things for 2 days... lot of Fun and Food, ha ha ha.

Remembering  old college day's fun, playing cards, dancing on Xbox and of course, endless talks. Even though we met his wife and sister in law for the first time, we felt that we know each other since long. We spent fun filled nice time there.

While playing cards suddenly I noticed one thing on their wall and I got amazed & equally impressed by the thoughts behind that.

Yes... I liked that portrait so much, actually I loved that. My friend's sister in law, Aardra Athlye, drew this beautiful and thoughtful portrait for her parents during their warm welcome to USA. She tried to portrait all beautiful things they used to do during holidays in India during their childhood like cooking together, sister love, family fun etc. She drew almost whole of their childhood. She also drew and promised that they are going to do same fun here in USA what they were doing back in India. She even portrayed their vacation plans like Statue Of Liberty etc. So thoughtful...!!!

Love the way she expressed her memories and the fun she had and is going to enjoy with her family. Their parents are coming this weekend and I am sure they will get touched with this warm and thoughtful surprised welcome!

I know everyone has amazing ideas and thoughts to give surprises to their loved ones but I really get encouraged and inspired by such a talented and thoughtful people around me.
Hope you will also love and inspire with this thoughtful welcoming idea. 

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